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1. 安全:治療環境應該對客戶來說在身體和情感上都是安全的。這包括確保空間沒有危險,並確保客戶在整個治療過程中感到舒適和支持。


2. 隱私:治療環境應該為客戶提供一個私人和保密的空間,讓他們分享他們的想法和感受,而不必擔心評判或外界干擾。


3. 舒適:治療環境應該舒適,有利於放鬆和情感探索。這可能包括舒適的座椅、適當的照明和舒緩的裝飾。

HKCEXAT is dedicated to creating a warm, safe, serene, and highly private environment where individuals can feel comfortable and relaxed. Our center is designed to provide the optimal therapeutic setting, enabling individuals to engage in counseling, expressive arts and play therapies in a peaceful and private space, free from distractions. This environment encourages them to freely express and explore their inner world.


We offer a therapeutic environment, which includes,

  1. Safety: A therapeutic environment should be physically and emotionally safe for the client. This includes ensuring that the space is free from hazards and that the client feels comfortable and supported throughout the therapy session.

  2. Privacy: A therapeutic environment should provide a private and confidential space for clients to share their thoughts and feelings without fear of judgment or outside interference.

  3. Comfort: The therapeutic environment should be comfortable and conducive to relaxation and emotional exploration. This may include comfortable seating, appropriate lighting, and soothing decor.

 HKCEXAT center offers counseling and Arts (Music) therapy facility rental services to peers. Please click here to learn more.



香港輔導及表達藝術治療中心提供房間租用服務,我們設有心理輔導室、表達藝術治療室、遊戲治療室及小聚閣給治療師及心理輔導員。香港表達藝術治療協會EATAHK 會員享有10%優惠折扣,請即與我們聯絡。

Expressive Arts 
& Play Facilities

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