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  • Master of Social Sciences in Applied Psychology, CityU 社會科學碩士 (應用心理學)

  • Master of Social Sciences in Counselling, CityU
    社會科學碩士 (輔導學)

  • Bachelor of Business Administration, Marketing, USA 工商管理學士 (市場學)

  • Bachelor of Business Administration, International Business, USA 工商管理學士 (國際商務)

  • Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (certificate course) 靜觀認知治療證書課程

  • Certificate of Child-centered Play Therapy, CUHK

  • Certified Analyst (Drawing Psychological Projection) 

  • Certified Practitioner of (Visual) Art Therapy in Counseling (視覺)藝術應用輔導執行師

Janice Wong is a Counselor and a registered member of the Hong Kong Professional Counseling Association (HKPCA).  Upon completing her master degrees in Applied Psychology and Counseling, Janice continues her professional development and services in secondary schools and non-profit making organizations focusing her work on teenagers, parents, and working moms. She is passionate about her work with teenagers and adults to maintain positive mental health for life. 

Together with her education in Psychology and Counseling, Janice is now working closely with secondary schools and non-profit making organizations in providing individual counseling programs to teenagers and parents and dealing with their emotional issues. She also conducts relaxation/ emotional regulation workshops to increase the interaction between schools as well as better manage self-emotion.

On the other hand, Janice is a certified teacher of different art programs, such as Pastel Nagomi Art, Flower of Crystal Art, Love Rose Art, Zentangle, etc. To better connect with her clients, Janice combines special elements from art courses as well as psychological and counseling techniques in providing a peace of mind environment to her clients. “Me-Time” relaxation courses are arranged regularly.

Janice Wong 是一名輔導員(香港專業輔導協會 (HKPCA) 的註冊會員)。完成應用心理學碩士和輔導學碩士後,Janice 便在中學和非牟利機構繼續她的專業發展和服務,重點關注青少年、父母及在職媽媽。她熱衷於與青少年和在職人士一起工作,以保持積極及正面的心理健康為己任。

加上她在心理學和輔導學的專業教育,Janice 現在與中學和非牟利機構密切合作,為青少年和家長提供個別輔導課程,並處理他們的情緒問題。她除此之外,她也為學生和家長舉辦鬆弛及情緒調節工作坊,以增加與服務對象之間的互動以及達致更佳的情緒管理規範。

另一方面,Janice 也是不同藝術課程的認證教師,例如 Pastel Nagomi Art、Flower of Crystal Art、Love Rose Art、Zentangle 等。為了更好地與服務對象建立聯繫, Janice 結合藝術課程中的特殊元素以及心理和輔導的技術,為她的服務對象提供安心的環境及特別的輔導方法。另外,她也定期安排“Me-Time”放鬆課程。

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Janice Wong

Psychological Counselor

(Registered HKPCA member) 



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